Plastic Zipper Bags

Plastic zipper bags are those kinds of plastic bags that have a zipper on one side to facilitate easy opening and closing of the bag. These are by and large used to store edible items, as the bags help preserve the nutrients as well as prevent exposure to the environment which can end up degrading the food products. They can also be used for other types of products such as tools, stationary items and gardening equipment.

Zipper bags are usually sold in large numbers, the minimum number being one hundred and the maximum going up to thousands and sometimes even more than that. They vary in size, from being as small as 2X2 inches to being as large as 18X24 inches. Depending on what item is to be stored in the bag, the appropriate size is chosen. Generally, as the size increases, the price of the zipper bag also increases. However, when buying in bulk, the price per piece is generally reduced by a certain amount, depending on the number of zipper bags ordered at a time.

Zipper bags are normally thicker and more durable than other types of plastic bags. The plastic used is of a better grade since it has to support the zipper. One major advantage of plastic zipper bags is that they can be used again and again. This is the reason why they are so popular, especially in households. But they do have certain drawbacks. Like other kinds of plastic bags, these plastic zipper bags too are not that useful for heavy items and can tear easily. They can be used for only a limited number of times that is before the zipper becomes useless. However, due to their economical rates, plastic zipper bags remain very popular and are widely used all over the world.

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