Another Kind Of A Fairy Tale Love Story – Mighty Ru-Rin And The Enchantress

Let me introduce to you, The Enchantress, Princess Chika. Let us explore her village which is full of sand. It is usually embedded with the tranquility of sun light that embraces the whole village with warm air. The people in the village call her “The Enchatress”. She is the most attractive and beguiling woman of chateau de Puti Fortress.

A soft and warm wind brushed her cheeks to welcome her home. She smiled with her eyes a little bit close as she joyfully faced the wind that would want to devour all of her. “After three days of travel… here I am, home at last. I’m finally back here in Putiforta, my home village, the place where I was born and gracefully raised to become the most powerful Enchantress…” she sighed and thought deeply while she could feel her tired feet were slowly descending under the white sand of Putilforta.

“Whew!” She gasped a brief sigh of relief while she raised the pastel pink veil which covered her face. Then she automatically fastened it gently on top of her blonde pony-tailed hair. It’s made of special fabric and protective spell which she made herself. This serves as her protective shield against the harmful rays from the sun preserving her delicate skin. In our world it is commonly known as physical sun-block. Then the twins recognized her.

“Rin-te-Chika! Rin-te-Chika! Welcome back!”

It is all known in the entire village that Mighty Ru-Rin and Chika, are into a serious relationship and are already engaged to marry each other. It is in their culture to add the last part of the man’s name who would woo the woman to be his wife.

Mighty Ru-Rin came from the Winubas Tribe. He is a great warrior like Chika. He lives in Bossxa which is nearby her village. The Winubas Tribe are the ones responsible to maintain loyalty to an established government, political party, or sovereign, especially during war or revolutionary change. He is well-known in Chika’s village as the protector and a great warrior. But he has a little secret which he only shares with Chika… He is a good cook.

“Oh! Long time no see, you two.” Chika smiled and waved at them.

Tenla-kichan and Tenli-Itchan are twins. They always love to play around the village and almost know everyone in town.

“Kazezahare is expecting you to his office immediately. He has something important to tell you”.


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