What Can You Learn From Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift? 3 Fan Page Secrets of the Stars

Maybe it sounds strange that we could learn anything related to business from Lady Gaga or Taylor Swift. These two super stars of music exist on nearly opposite ends of musical taste. Both of them have rocked the top 40 with entirely different methods. Their sounds and styles are nothing alike and yet they both exist in an extremely difficult industry.

Take Taylor Swift, she has a loyal following of teens and pre-teens that are followed closely by their parents. This eager group of fans can easily sell out the Staples Center in a matter of hours. Her concerts are packed with energy and sounds that range somewhere between Country and Pop. Mention anything about Taylor Swift to a 14 year old girl and you will likely hear someone who spontaneously recites compelling lyrics. This loyal group of fans follows Taylor’s every move from television, concerts to Facebook.

Lady Gaga has a different approach. Her unique style and passion won’t compel parents of a 14 year old to rush to a concert. She gathers massive attention with her compelling concerts that are aptly entitled “The Monster Ball”. With an impeccable attention to detail her fans are fiercely loyal to her every move. A single status update that most business owners would never release can get almost 30,000 people saying they “like” it!

Both of these platinum artists have millions of fans (over 4 million, and 7 million respectively) for their fan pages. They command attention from the social networks and translate that attention into concert ticket sales, CD’s sales, t-shirt sales and more. Although music is certainly their passion they have built quite an empire on Facebook.

Unless you are about to sign a recording deal with a major music label their numbers may seem a bit out of reach for your presence on Facebook; however, not as far out of the realm of reality as you might think. Consider the following methods to bring a raging base of friends who “like”:


  • Make it Easy For People to Find Your Business – At concerts Taylor Swift proudly shows her Twitter address on the vision boards. Kids on their mobile phones are able to join right then and there! When your customer’s are the happiest (like a concert) get them to do even more for you. Give them an opportunity to become a fan right there as easily as possible.
  • Spread the Word – These two artists are on TV and Radio daily. It’s nearly impossible to buy that much ad time so hit your exposure differently. Consider writing articles, blog posts, reach out to top bloggers and volunteer to give them an interview (even the top ones need content). Find as many places as possible to share your voice and value.
  • Monetize the Attention – Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga aren’t charities. They capitalize the attention they receive at every possible moment. On their fan pages, websites, concerts they are letting their eager fans make purchases. Consider having a store tab, like Lady Gaga, for your most popular items to convert that traffic into immediate income.

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