What is Internet Marketing? Define Internet Marketing

What is Internet Marketing? In broad terms Internet Marketing refers to promotion of commerce or business through the Internet medium. It is the way in which products or services are promoted and sold over the Internet. onlyfreedommatters Internet marketing, also called web marketing, online-marketing and even “i” or “e” -Marketing uses the Internet to deliver all types of media to a global and even local market. The relatively low cost to disseminate information to a global audience makes it very unique compared to marketing of the past.

The interactive nature of the Internet has forced the evolution of its marketing strategies to include specialist skills to deal with the instant response and eliciting responses now present with this unique medium. A device must be included in your Internet marketing system to accommodate this instant response.

The term is also inclusive of the post-sale relationship between a business and its customers because it encompasses digital customer data management and electronic customer relations. It is widely used in the business world today and referred to as ECRM – Electronic Customer Relationship Management. This makes the scope larger as it refers to the on-going relationship supported by the Internet, e-mail, and wireless media.

Internet marketing ties together the technical and creative aspects of the Internet including design, branding, promotion and advertising, as well as sales. Here are three main objectives to help define Internet Marketing:

(1) Deliver a company’s message or presence in a marketplace. Branding its culture, mission and value as well as educating or detailing its products or service via the computer screen.

(2) Collect data research not limited by demographics, individual preferences or past requirements of both existing customers and (different groups, classes, stereotypes, etc.) as potential new customers.

(3) The actual selling, collection of fees, tracking of distribution and follow up of goods, services, or advertising space over the Internet.

The way in which one reaches out via the Internet to its prospective client is through different strategies. The more popular Marketing Strategies utilized by Internet Marketers are Social, Content and Paid marketing approaches. Each has their own attributes as well as limitations or short-comings.

There are several Business Model terms associated with Internet Marketing.

E-COMMERCE (electronic-commerce) refers to business over the Internet. Web sites such as and eBay are all e-commerce sites. The two major forms of e-commerce are Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B). So, while the neighborhood baker doesn’t sell his cupcakes on the Internet, he utilizes the benefits of the Internet to search and find the supplier with the best price for flour.

LEAD-BASED WEBSITES are organizations or groups of websites that create value by capturing prospective clients or sales leads from the Internet to be utilized by or sold to a third party.

AFFILIATE MARKETING is a process in which a product or service is promoted by many people or entities that receive a percentage of the profits when the product is purchased. The Affiliate did not develop or produce it themselves. The owner or producer of the product has authority over whom and how their product is sold and customarily provides the “affiliate” with marketing materials; i.e. Website links, capture pages, and banner ads that have encoded tracking – the device used to ensure the affiliate gets credit for the sale.

LOCAL INTERNET MARKETING is the process used by a company with a “local customer base” that traditionally sells by warm market referrals, signage, location visibility, and utilizing the Internet to find and cultivate relationships with potential customers to later interact with offline.

BLACK HAT MARKETING is a form of Internet marketing or search engine optimization (SEO) commonly referring to the practice of using unethical techniques or employing deceptive, abusive, or less than truthful methods to make your search rankings go up to drive more traffic to your website.

The birth and growth of Internet marketing has also made a mark on the “personal worlds” of many individuals. With Internet Marketing offering individuals infinite ways to promote and market themselves, products, services and opportunities, the world of home-based-business has exploded.

Initially for the person that desires to capitalize on this medium for their own person commerce, Internet Marketing can be confusing or even overwhelming for most. Each method seems to have its own language to decipher and obstacle to overcome. A system or platform to manage all of these strategies can be very useful if it includes support training. It’s best to only choose 1 or 2 initial strategies to focus on at one time. The best strategy for one person may not be the best strategy for you. Most important is that you discover the strategy that you like most and are comfortable performing. If you enjoy the process you will be certain to be better at it. And the better you are at it, the more likely you’ll become consistent with its implementation. You will find that the strategy you choose is much less important than your ability to do it consistently in order to achieve results.

I agree it can seem overwhelming at times, but actually the process can be quite simple if you focus on just one strategy at a time. There are unlimited training courses, Internet tools, websites and programs to help you be more effective and efficient in each category or strategy you choose. Having someone to help guide you through the process, pointing out which tools and programs offer the most help, not only will save your sanity, but also can save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in the process.



Benefits of Hiring an Digital Marketing Agency for Promoting Your Business Online

Online business has hit an all-time high globally, as major and minor companies are creating their own websites and trying to cater to the Internet public. Marketing online is vastly different from offline marketing as the rules and regulations of attracting consumers differ hugely. This is where a digital marketing agency comes in and ensures that online marketing, from creation of websites to ensuring that they excel in search engine rankings, is available to clients as a whole package. onlyfreedommatters Without the help of a digital marketing agency, it is not possible for companies to enter the online market and emerge successful.

The primary benefit of hiring a digital marketing agency is that these agencies are experienced and understand the online world of marketing. Since there are major differences between the online world and the offline world of marketing, gathering professional help for the better performance of a website is highly recommended. Digital marketing agencies have experts on their board who understand what a particular client website contains and how it can be marketed digitally. From keyword heavy content to social media marketing, all options are available and it is up to these agencies to implement these options as per their understanding.

Search engine optimization is the biggest benefit of hiring a digital marketing agency. Marketing online serves no purpose unless people regularly visit a company’s website and go through its features and products. Competition in the online market today is mostly about securing high rankings in search engines. Securing high rankings in search engines automatically translates to popularity of the website as well as increase in consumer awareness. A digital marketing agency is well aware of all this and hence can be trusted with the responsibility to increase a website’s search engine rankings. They know how to go about it and whether they should take a content related approach or publicize the site via social media, is up to them.

A digital marketing agency also understand that in today’s age of flashy and tech-heavy websites, a company can never achieve the desired search engine rankings unless is website is up to the mark. A digital marketing agency also often acts as a web designing organization and designs the websites for its clients. It knows that depending on the content, how a website is to be designed so that what people are looking for in the site can be easily found. From the home page to the page dealing with the features of the company’s products to the page about the history of the company, all are available on the website. It is up to the digital marketing agency to put together these pieces in a manner that will be appealing to regular and new visitors of the website.

Since constant presence on the social media is highly necessary for a company to be successful in online marketing today, an internet marketing company ensures that they are able to provide full social media marketing strategies. It is important not only to have Facebook or Twitter pages for companies but also ensure that those are active. Sharing regular links to the company’s website and its new products, features and news are a must for every digital marketing agency. They also encourage active interaction between people and the company via social media pages. This helps the company understand their consumers and what the consumers look forward to from the company. Automatically, this gives the company a great chance to improve its search engine rankings.

For companies which are beginning their innings new in the online marketing world, it is highly beneficial to hire a digital marketing agency with proper experience. In that case, it is the company which will have all the experience and will be able to guide the client on how to improve search engine rankings. Clients can give the content and the layout of the website, but it is up to the digital marketing agency to make a site that will ensure that proper consumers are drawn to the site. Digital marketing agencies come across all sorts of clients and they know how the success of a website is achieved. So being dependent on them is actually beneficial for a company, especially the ones who have just begun.


Lessons on Feng-Shui, Astrology and Death

Last night as I was reading the Xin Min Daily Chinese newspapers in Singapore, it reported that May Phua had decided to revert back to her previous Chinese name, citing reason as fearing for her own life. This is because she was one of the many Singapore Media Corps TV station artistes who had her Chinese name advised to be changed by 1 particular Feng shui Master in Singapore. Unfortunately while their acting career seems to bazinga have all been resurrected somewhat by their name changed to the one advised by this master, 2 of them had suffer other mishaps after the name change.

The first one, Christopher Lee , got involved was charged with drink driving and leaving the scene of accident. The result was that he went to jail for that. He reverted back to his original name after being released from jail. In fact, there were 2 other Feng shui masters that appeared on Chinese newspapers thereafter, criticizing the name change. In my humble opinion, I see this 2 Feng shui masters as hitting below the belt. It is a fact that Christopher’s popularity improved after his name change by this master. But to blame drunken driving on a name change is too lame and too irresponsible. An individual need to be accountable for his own action no matter what effects of Feng-shui name change he was under influence of.

The second one, Jimmy Nah, better known as MC King, mysteriously died of heart failure in his sleep. After his demise, I checked on his birth date and realized he had a special Bazi chart. I analyzed his Chinese name thereafter and found that the configuration is indeed unorthodox. Without the information on the hour pillar I dare not conclude that the Feng-shui Master caused Jimmy Nah his life. But I will still advocate any name change and Feng-shui done to be implemented after only fully considering the Birth Chart of the client. That is the reason why I do not agree with Feng-shui Masters who do Feng shui audits without analyzing the birth charts.

Feng-shui customers that baulk at the cost of audit, should re-think again. Efforts like reading the birth chart is transparent to the customer but yet can make a difference of Life and Death. So you should not begrudge Feng-shui masters who take the effort to read your birth charts because they are responsible and see the link between destiny and Feng-shui. But do ask your Feng-shui Master if they read your birth chart and plan their Feng-shui to sync in with your birth chart so that you will get your money’s worth.

Since the demise of MC King, most of the rest of the artistes (including May and Edmund Chen) who had their name change done by this Feng-shui Master reverted back to their original names. Now while I am not defending this Feng-shui master, I would say there is no need for them to blindly revert back to their original Chinese names especially most of them have seen in improvement in their popularity as artistes after the name change. One of them, Zheng Ge Ping , in fact, enjoyed huge successes after his name change. This is because each person’s destiny as espoused by their birth chart is different. Hence any name change will still have differing effects on each individual.

The morale behind the story is that find a responsible master and do not begrudge what is due to him. Feng-shui can do a lot, but do not use it as an excuse for atrocities or misdeeds that individuals commit.

I am a Feng-shui Practitioner in private practice and I specialize in Ba Zi, ZWDS, Flying Star Feng-shui, I-Ching and other Chinese Metaphysics tools. My blog site is at


Cyber Crime – Can Locard’s Exchange Principle Be Applied to Cyber Crime?

Cyber Crime is replacing drug trafficking. Recent government findings indicate that cyber crime has pushed aside the illicit drug trade as one of the top sources for hundreds of millions of dollars in ill-gotten gains the world over. In its infancy, the Internet seemed like something that could develop into a useable tool for scientific research. If we had only known back then what potential it held, perhaps more thought would have gone into its protection.

Today the newswires are filled with reports of massive thefts of personal information as well as depleted bank accounts-all due to the criminal element that, for a small investment in a computer and an Internet connection, is changing the landscape of criminal investigation. One highly regarded research survey stated that 8.1 million Americans were victims of identity theft in 2010. Losses were in the hundreds of millions.

The Locard Exchange Principle (LEP)

Dr. Edmond Locard (1877-1966), known to many as the French “Sherlock Holmes,” was a pioneer in forensic evidence investigation. Locard formulated the basic principle of forensic science, “Every contact leaves a trace,” Of course Locard’s theory dealt with the physical contact made by the perpetrator to items in the crime scene. But today’s crime scene may not involve a physical structure-more than likely the crime scene is located out there in cyberspace.

So the question evolves, “Does Locard’s Exchange Principle apply to an electromagnet passing over a spinning disk?” Some digital detectives believe that it does. For example, a hacker gains access to a computer system that may or may not be secure. Is any computer completely secure? Granted, security software is effective against many such invasions, but a secure system will only take the hacker a little longer to get into it. Now, the question is, does the exchange principle apply?

Cyber crimes leave no physical evidence

On the surface, the infiltrator would leave no physical trace of his having been there. But other electronic trace evidence may be present. If the computer’s file access logs were accessible, it’s possible that a record will be available showing that the file was, in fact, accessed, and even that a network transmission followed. Also a possibility is that a side-channel analysis of any activity on the hard drive will uncover network operations. As a last resort, the examiner may check the access logs of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) to uncover surreptitious entry. This step will not necessarily divulge what specific data was removed, but it will indicate that data was, in fact, lifted from the line.

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10 Tips For Choosing The Right Blown Wood Pellet Delivery Company

If you’re looking for a blown wood pellet delivery company, then you’ll want to make sure that you get the right one for you. As well as cost there’s plenty more to think about.

Here’s what you need to consider.


    1. Quality You’ll need to make sure that the blown delivery company you’re looking at actually offers the pellets your boiler needs. Many boiler manufacturers recommend premium pellets, and using lesser pellets can cause your boiler to stop working efficiently.
    1. Availability Being able to get your pellets when you need them is essential. Some companies may not be able to guarantee delivery your pellets during peak times of year. Perhaps you’ll be happy to receive your order in several deliveries, or perhaps you won’t.
    1. Convenience – time of day You might need to be on site to receive your delivery, and so you’ll need to know when it’s expected. Being able to contact the delivery company is essential, so that you’re not waiting for a delivery that isn’t going to turn up when expected.
    1. Size of delivery lorry The size and capacity of the delivery lorry may also be important to you. If you’re using wood pellet heating for your large hotel, sports club or supermarket, then you’ll use a lot more pellets than a domestic user. You’ll want to make sure that you can get the quantity of pellets that you want delivered in one go. There’s likely to be a minimum delivery quantity, so you’ll want to ask what this is.
    1. Deliver to your location Your pellets will need to be delivered to exactly where you want them. Whereas a delivery company sending out pallets may be able to leave them by your door, or with a neighbour or somewhere else convenient, you’ll need to make sure that the blown delivery company can get a big lorry right to your storage area.
    1. Reputation The blown delivery company you choose for your wood pellets needs to have a good reputation. You’ll need to know that they can supply the right sort of pellets, when you want them, and that everything is likely to go to plan. Perhaps you’ll want to read testimonials from satisfied customers first.
    1. Support If things don’t go according to plan, or you have particular requirements, or circumstances change beyond your control, you’ll want to know that your blown wood pellet delivery company will be able to help you out. Knowing that they are likely to be sympathetic and helpful will make your life a lot easier.
  1. Long term contract Depending on your requirements, you may want to arrange a long term contract, so that you can guarantee delivery of your wood pellets for a certain length of time. If you’re a commercial customer then you’ll be able to budget and forecast easier, and if you’re a domestic customer then you’ll know just how much you’re saving on your heating bills, and will get the best price, even if the price of pellets changes.

Real Estate Market On The Rise? Walt Disney World Rental Homes Growing Daily!

Except if you’re living under a stone, you’ve heard the publicity that the economy is headed for recuperation. In any case, is it publicity? While numerous Americans are jobless, and others are inhabiting close to neediness levels, in certain locales the costs of homes are starting to gradually ascend without precedent for years while request […]
Except if you’re living under a stone, you’ve heard the publicity that the economy is headed for recuperation. In any case, is it publicity? While numerous Americans are jobless, and others are inhabiting close to neediness levels, in certain locales the costs of homes are starting to gradually ascend without precedent for years while request keeps on expanding. There are territories where this interest has outperformed the stock of accessible homes; now and again you need to stand by until a house is recorded available to be purchased to have the option to purchase in these turns of events. When great postings become accessible, they are under agreement in practically no time. A few Realtors have “stand by records” of potential purchasers that get first dibs when there is even talk that a home will open up. Shockingly, one of these territories is close to Walt Disney World in Central Florida. The one-time wealth of homes recorded as abandonments and short deals in Kissimmee, Florida has dwindled lately. The homes that at one at once or close to the $300,000 mark were down to simply more than $100,000 in the final quarter of 2011. They are presently beginning to climb upwards of $125,000, for certain properties recorded as high as $150,000 – and there are just a modest bunch of dispossessions and short deals to be found. Look at the Zillow or Realtor sites routinely and watch the patterns. There could be a few explanations behind this unexpected explosion of interest. Initial, various homes are being purchased by seaward people that understand the decay of the dollar implies they can manage the cost of a getaway home in the United States. Second, a few group accept that the market has arrived at the base and need to gather up the arrangements before they’re gone.

Foreign Military Surplus Clothing Styles

Have you ever wondered how foreign military clothes looked like? Do they look the same or different from your own country’s clothes. Some foreign military clothes even have special terms; you need to look it up on the internet to find out what they mean. Read this article to determine how foreign clothing looks like and at the same time, learn the local terms they have for their uniforms.

Government surplus clothing stores are really good places to find goods no longer used by the military and military surplus clothing stores offer a range of military clothing and other products. Military surplus gear can be a blessing for those who have a tight budget and can’t afford to get expensive equipment suited for personal use. As a fashion piece, military clothing is no longer constrained to the soldier, the paint -ball player or the outdoorsman. Air force surplus clothing advertises air force shirts are bought by everybody because of the variety of styles. Air force surplus clothing has designs available for women like airmen’s wives and girlfriends with cute sayings like “I Love My Airman” and “Air Force Mom”.

Foreign military surplus clothing like the local military surplus clothing stores also contains an overload of clothing and gear that are not used by foreign countries. Most commonly found in their respective countries in military surplus clothing stores, they are also sold in local vintage military clothing sales. Most clothing you find come from the era of World War II as that was a decisive moment for changing uniform styles. At local vintage stores, you may find:

British military surplus clothing. Battle Dress was the certified name for the standard operational and combating uniform worn by the British Army together with armies of other Imperial and Commonwealth countries in temperate climates. The uniform composed of a pair of trousers and a securely fitting short jacket Blouse composed of khaki-coloured woollen cloth. The Royal Air Force wore the blue battledress and Royal Navy wore the navy blue one. British camouflage uniforms were once hand-painted by some specialists.

German military surplus clothing. The Germans hold on to their form of field grey for uniforms which have litzen – collar braid stripes. Some uniforms have high collared tunics that go with stiefelhosen – riding breeches and marchstiefel – jackboots. West Germany makes use of uniforms with splinter – a 4 color  geekowear  uniform pattern or a fleck tarn – a style with dots and blotches. East Germany has the four-color Flächentarnmuster pattern sometimes called splotch and the Strichmuster pattern – a dense straight line pattern.

Russian military surplus clothing have uniforms that have stylish shoulder pieces or decoration used as insignia of rank called epaulettes. High boots and long greatcoats with collar patches that have gone back to Czarist days are also sold in here. Although several regiments dressed in distinctive and colourful attire, the imperial Russian army fought most of the time in white or dark green colors introduced by Peter the Great in the early 1700s. Later on, the duller colors such as khaki were adopted in the late 1908.



World Maps – Benefits of Displaying a Map of the World – Part 2

A world divider guide can have a scope of advantages, from the social and social to the geological and instructive. This article presents an outline of the social and social effects that guides have on individuals.

No problem

Youngsters love to utilize their creative mind and mess around where they profess to be a person or thing. Kids can utilize world guides to imagine they live in another country and envision what life would resemble in an alternate mainland, with an alternate environment and diverse adjoining nations. It encourages kids to appreciate and comprehend that life might be altogether different in different nations to what they know about. Nations close to the equator will be more smoking and there should be transformations in everyday environments. By taking a gander at a world guide, grown-ups too can allow their creative mind to go out of control. Regardless of whether for arranging an outing or an occasion or basically taking a gander at the distance between nations, a divider guide of the world is key for starting the creative mind.

A Scene of Relativity

World divider guides can give an intriguing viewpoint on the world we live in. Not all world guides are in the standard organization we are utilized to with the Northern Hemisphere in the top the guide, with the Americas on the left (West) and China and the Indonesia on the right (East). There are some intriguing world guides which are designed in an alternate manner. The Pacific Centered divider map Europe and the Americas on discrete sides of the guide. There are additionally topsy turvy style guides of the reality where the southern Hemisphere is presently in the north of the guide, and nations like Australia, Brazil and South Africa are currently in the northerly piece of the guide.

By looking on a world guide at the region you live in, you can plainly see what nations and topographical highlights are around you which give a scene of relativity.

Social Talking Point

Individuals discover maps encouraging as it gives them some establishing and something natural to take a gander at. World guides in a flash attract individuals to take a gander at them. They notice where they reside, where they have voyaged and where they are right now. Regardless of whether they have seen a world guide on many occasions previously, there makes certain to be something individuals see each time they take a gander at a guide. Individuals remark on the various styles or plans of guides, colors utilized or the size and finish of a guide.



Motor Homes for Sale

Looking for a home that’s away from home? For traveling at will without any bonds or schedules, motor homes are perfect.

Some companies which offer motor homes for sale include PPL Motor Homes, RV Classified, Motor Homes on Sale, RV Registry, Motor Homes Used, Recreational Vehicles, Cruise America, and many more.

Motor homes fall into three categories: Class A, Class B, and Class C. Before venturing to buy a motor home, you should be clear about what you want. Class A is definitely roomier and larger than the others, while Class C is usually held to be the safest, with air bags and seat belts.

Apart from the type, one also gets to choose between a diesel and a gas-operated vehicle. While diesel motor homes are usually more fuel-efficient, they are extremely noisy compared to the gas motor homes. They are also slower.

Airstream, Elite, Forest River, Country Coach, Fleetwood, Foretravel, Winnebago, Buddy Greg, Damon, are some companies which make high-quality and functional motor homes.

All basic amenities and comforts are normally present in motor homes. Besides the normal features of kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, electricity, some feature a washer and dryer, garden tub, double sofas, and much more.

The prices of motor homes vary according to company and class. Cruise America sells motor homes from different companies. Besides a thorough inspection of its homes, it also offers a 12-month or 12,000-mile limited power train warranty.

Motor homes ranging from 28 to 45 ft are provided by Tiffin Motor Homes. It provides a 10-year period limited warranty too. Foretravel also offers customized motor homes.

Luxuriously furnished and available in different sizes, types, and designs, motor homes are in high demand. Mobile and convenient, they are the best for going on a vacat casas perto da disney para comprar


Retail Score: Brick & Mortar 4.5%, Online 28%

To survive today, small business owners must develop and implement an online business strategy. An online business strategy allows a small business owner to increase sales to whatever level they desire without expanding or changing their existing location.

A small town doesn’t have to mean small business.

There are currently 300 million customers online worldwide with the numbers increasing every day. Businesses like eBay and Amazon have helped to educate and familiarize people with the concept of buying online. Every day, more and more people of all ages are online.

Where traditional retail operations are growing at about 4.5% annually, online sales are growing at a rate of 28%. It’s clear to see where the trends are going. They are going to online stores.

These figures are good news for every business owner, particularly those in small towns. Why? To successfully compete nationwide or worldwide is no longer a problem for small businesses. When a business has a professional online presence, the size and location of the business are not readily apparent. Anyone can compete online with the right knowledge and tools.

In addition, the cost associated with starting a business online or moving a business online is relatively cheap. It takes a website and some savvy marketing skills. Let’s look at how we can cost effectively achieve this.


Websites can involve a lot of time and money if you are not knowledgeable about the subject. Rather than spend the time and money for a website right now, consider an eBay Store as an alternative.

An eBay Store gives you all the benefits of a website without the cost and time. Once established, an eBay Store will provide your business with a unique web address. This web address can be promoted like any website and included in Internet search engine results.

To establish an eBay Store, you need to sign up for a seller account at eBay. They have an easy step-by-step process for accomplishing that task. You will need to go through their five-dollar “ID Verified” process so they will waive the feedback requirements for a store. The first 30 days of the store is free. Then the fee is $9.95 per month thereafter. To add items to your store only costs pennies per item and is accomplished through an easy to understand template.

Marketing Your Online Presence

Once you have established your online presence via an eBay Store, it’s time to promote the store. There are many ways to do online promotion. They range from free and easy to expensive and complicated. So, let’s start free and easy first.

In your eBay Store, you have access to a menu of management items. Two of these are critical to your promotion of your eBayä Store throughout the Internet. The first is to select the option of making your store “searchable by the search engines”. The second is to choose key words for your items that will attract search engines. What are key words?

Simply put, a search engine will look for the words a person designates during their search in order to find relevant sites for them. So, the more keywords you can think of that could be used to describe your items, including misspellings, the better chance you have of being found by a search engine. Why is this critical?, a major search engine, has over four billion websites in their database. You have to do something to increase your own chances of being found. Key words are one way to do that. So if you sold gift baskets, for instance, you might choose the following keywords and keyword phrases: “gift basket”, “gift baskets”, “birthday basket”, “gift”, “anniversary basket”, “25th anniversary basket”, “50th anniversary basket”, etc. You get the picture!

In addition to the cheap and easy promotion tools in your eBay Store, there are other cheap and easy methods of marketing your store. Among the many methods are: free online classified ads, email signature lines, business cards, and flyers in your brick & mortar store. Let’s start with the free online classified ads.

There are hundreds of online sites that offer free classified ads. Simply search for “free classified ads” in any search engine. There will be hundreds! Make certain that you have a good and compelling 25-word ad for your eBay Store. Then, post it everywhere you can for free! Another free method is your email signature line.